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In fact, we’re all makeup obsessed. So we’re thrilled to have you here as another member of our clique.

We created Sassyist to share our knowledge and love for makeup and beauty with the world and create a community where you can learn all kinds of things like;

What are the best makeup products for you?

How to get started becoming a makeup pro?

And learn the ins and outs of the latest beauty trends!

With that being said, you can expect from us on a regular basis:


1. Honest product reviews

We will be reviewing the most popular products from the leading makeup brands and will give you our honest, unbiased opinion on whether or not they are good.

We will compare makeup products head-to-head to see which ones are the best to help you along your decision-making process.


2. Detailed tutorials

Want to learn how to become a makeup pro?

Well, you are in the right spot.

We have an entire section dedicated to guides and tutorials to help you “brush up” on your makeup skills. From contouring to brows that are to die for – we got you covered!


3. Tips to make you perfect

For Sassyist what really matters is inner beauty, and we want to help you discover the perfect person that you are and help you radiate confidence in your own skin.

Our mission is to give you the toolbox to shamelessly be your true self.

We will be posting regular tips to help you own the perfect woman that you already are.

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