Best Eyeliner For Beginners [Updated for 2020]

The world of eyeliner is not only vast and filled with a variety of colors, but the best eyeliner for beginners is also a real testament to the makeup world.

It all either comes down to liquid, gel, or pencil when eyeliner is involved. Even some of the most skilled makeup artists in the world will stick with one type of eyeliner.

best eyeliner for beginners

We want to start off with what to look for with eyeliner. It’s best to find a brand that has a comfortable grip, a smooth continuous line, and waterproof.

By gathering a list of the best eyeliner for beginners it comes down to a few tips and tricks.

Who doesn’t want a smooth matte finish to their outlined look?

By questioning what products and brands make it easier for beginners, what is the number one thing to ask before buying?

Oddly enough, a comfortable handle and angled brush tip are extremely important.

We will also go through how to stabilize your wrist to conduct a solid unwavering line. And what type of primer is best to use to create a clear canvas.



Being new to eye makeup, you’ll easily experience some tiredness in your upper arms from concentrating.

Try setting up a mirror near a ledge or shelf so you can rest your elbow while applying.

Or try using your other hand to prop up your applying arm. This is fairly crucial since shaking of the hand can occur.


Eyeliner for Beginners Step by Step

Before heading to Sephora or Ulta in a panic, or becoming overwhelmed by the huge selection on online, we are breaking down a few categories.

By splitting up a few steps to focus on some major areas that tend to be overlooked, we want to be sure that beginners have a better experience than we did when starting out.

  • cat-eye beginners
  • what pencils to try
  • why pulling on your eyelid is a big no
  • always try to search for vegan or cruelty-free brands
  • why you may want to wait on applying waterline liner

As mentioned above try not to pull on your top eyelid. Not only can this create pre-mature lines and wrinkles.

But the top eyelid is already sensitive and trying to smooth out the surface area can cause an uneven wing or cat-eye.

Plus, pulling can cause the eye to become irritated and red.


Beginner Eyeliner Pencil

By far the most terrifying makeup beginners lesson is figuring out how to apply an eyeliner pencil to your top eyelid. That is without too much dragging or pulling on the eyelid.

But finding a pencil that doesn’t catch is essential. Lo-and-behold CLIO Sharp So Simple Waterproof Pencil Liner. Because of the upgraded carbon effect, the color comes out looking more intense to create a sharp, dramatic look.

This product does contain a twist option to retract the product or give more. Why this pencil? Because the pen is only 2-millimeters which makes your job so much easier while applying.


Eyeliner That Goes On Smooth

The smoothest glide an eyeliner can provide must have a brush tip that soaks up enough liquid to provide a clean line. We chose Benefit’s Roller Liner Eyeliner for the job.

After acquiring a mini-travel size version of this eyeliner, the surprise was how gentle one had to press to apply the product.

Also, the Benefit eyeliner has been awarded one of the best-winged applicators since the cat eye has come back in style.

Kiki Precise Liquid Eyeliner Pen Set is highly recommended by professionals for professionals and amateurs.

On top of the Kiki eyeliner pen set getting top reviews across the board, the company even had Ophthalmologists test the product.

This is some contact lens users can be sure that no residue will cause itchy or irritated eyes.


Eyeliner Gel/Cream

A lot of beginners prefer this type of eyeliner as it allows the individual to really concentrate and perfect the master skill of eyeliner.

By using an angled brush, you can craft a symmetrical wing tip every time. To begin our jump into the gel eyeliners category, we have to start with Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner.

You can choose out of 6 dark shades ranging from Black Ink to Chocolate Shimmer when it comes to gel.

An added cool note is that you see how much you receive and known exactly when to replenish instead of hopping your eyeliner pen doesn’t run out.

An online-only cream eyeliner to try is E.l.f. Cosmetics Cream Eyeliner for a whole $4. Yes! We were just as shocked but the results are so satisfying.

This cream eyeliner is smudge-proof, vegan, and even protects from running in the rain.


Best Eyeliner for Cat Eye Beginner

Before jumping onto the cat-eye bandwagon, here are a few suggestions:

  • Start using the eyeliner you’ve chosen at the outer portion of your top eyelid and apply, move slowly towards the middle of your top eyelid.
  • Always follow your lower lash line to create a cat-eye effect.
  • Connect your cat-eye to the lash line, then fill in if you notice any sparse spots.

On to the best cat-eye eyeliners! As an avid user of the travel size Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in the color Trooper, this little guy does do the trick.

Yes, we know there was some controversy a while ago about the mini-size and the full-size having the same amount of product.

We suggest that you try the travel compact size.


Eyeliner For Your Waterline

Everyone has had trouble with applying eyeliner to their waterline. How much? How little? Do you cover the entire waterline?

Then again you may want to wait this one out a bit before trying.

Waterline eyeliner can cause tears to form depending on the ingredients used. Be sure to check beforehand.

The best eyeliner for beginners in this section, you’ll need to find a creamy pencil that glides and sticks to the waterline.

That is without smudging or being blinked away, so to speak. This is where Urban Decay roams supreme.

The Urban Decay 24/7 Waterline Eye Pencil truly captures the best aspects of an eyeliner pencil.

No need to press hard or drag the pencil. For $22 this waterline pencil will work its magic and in the end costs equal out to the use you will put this little pencil through.

What’s so different about this waterline pencil? Well, it doesn’t contain any mineral oil which can cause the fadeout effect.

One recommended feature is to invest in a decent eyeliner sharpener to keep the point effective.


Eyeliner For Easy/Comfortable Grip

Hello, the Milani Eye Tech Perfection Liquid Eyeliner! This clever design aids in the perfect application each time.

Milani’s idea was to curate a technique for a one swipe perfect line. And the company did just that for a mere $5 throw down.

The odd shape is cut out to fit within the curves of the palm, releasing a shaky unsteady hand.

On top of all of that Milani fits into the best eyeliner for beginners winged category. You won’t be sorry!


Long-Lasting Beginner’s Eyeliner

Even though Rihanna’s Fenty line is fairly new to the spotlight, the Flyliner Longwear Liquid Eyeliner makes a strong impression. This one is declared Rhianna’s favorite product on the Fenty website.

To go through a few things, this eyeliner was curated with fadeproof and hyper-saturated liquid. An added plus is the product triangle shape offers an easy glide application to the eyelid.


Best Drugstore Eyeliner

We didn’t want to leave this category out! Some of you may only want to experiment with eyeliner without handing over $20. We understand, so here are a few drugstore options that can offer beautiful results.

The best eyeliner for beginners in this field starts with E.l.f. Coming in an ink shaped container, this eyeliner applicator has a brush that’s dipped into the liquid formula you’ll apply.

The E.l.f. Expert Liquid Liner is on a whole field of its own. Expect to get a little messy but after a few tries and at only $3, you can’t pass this up.

Now we talk about the Nyx Cosmetics Mechanical Eye Pencil! Available on Amazon for under the $4 mark, we have 16 colors and shades to pick from. Nyx Cosmetics has always gone out of their way to go big or go home.

The ultimate reason why the mechanical eye pencil makes the mark for beginners if the fact that it’s humidity-proof and doesn’t need to be sharpened.

But which brand has the best add-on smudger? Maybelline New York Define-A-Line Eyeliner has some severe magic attached.

When it comes to beginners and eyeliner, smudging can be the hardest feat to accomplish. It’s either not enough or raccoon eyes that come out.

However, the attached smudge tool perfectly accentuates the smoky eye look to a classic demure look within moments.

No need to redo your eyeliner six times to achieve the exact smudge application.


An Added Bonus: Hooded Eyes and Where To Begin

If you’re extremely new to eyeliner, you’ll figure out pretty quick if you have hooded eyelids. This changes the whole game when it comes to lining up the perfect wing or cat-eye.

Alissa Ashley continues to update your Youtube channel with hooded eye tips and tricks because sincerely these tricks will save you time.



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