How To Apply Cream Eyeshadow: Step-by-Step Guide

Cream eyeshadows are known to be a bit tricky to apply since they tend to dry rather quickly. Sometimes they even dry within a matter of seconds. When putting on this type of eyeshadow, you need to be quick without rushing yourself too much. Needless to say, cream eyeshadows are not for everyone. However, they look gorgeous when applied correctly, which is exactly why we made this guide for you on how to apply cream eyeshadow! 

how to apply cream eyeshadow

Try not to worry if you have tried to apply creme eyeshadows before and couldn’t seem to get it just right. Don’t give up, because we have a fantastic guide on how to apply cream eyeshadow with some additional tips that will help you apply this kind of eyeshadow with ease.

Go ahead and give it a try!


What You Will Need:

  • Your choice of a creme eyeshadow (You can a cream eyeshadow palette, a cream eyeshadow stick, or any other cream eyeshadow of your choosing
  • Moisturizer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer or eyeshadow primer
  • Setting Spray
  • Applicator

Before we proceed to the actual process of how to apply cream eyeshadow make sure to take note of the following application methods.

  • You can use your fingertips since it tends to work best, especially for beginners. You will easily be able to cover your entire eyelid
  • If you want the most coverage, you should use a flat, firm brush since it will pick up the most product
  • For sheer coverage, you can use a flat, fluffy brush because it will pick up a lot of product and put it in a single area.’
  • A slightly dampened makeup sponge work alight. However, these sponges tend to absorb some of the product


Quick Tip:

ONLY use synthetic brushes to keep the powder from being absorbed in the bristles. This is because natural hair brushes are known to soak up the product which can complicate the application process. 


The Steps On How To Apply Cream Eyeshadow: 


Step #1: Wash your face with lukewarm water

Make sure to also wash your eyelids too since that is the area that you will be applying the makeup too. After your face is washed, you should pat it dry with a washcloth or towel. You should never rub your face with a towel since it can cause irritation and red spots on your skin. Also, if you will be applying the makeup with your fingertips, you may want to consider also washing your hands and making sure they are clean for two reasons. The first reason is that you don’t want to touch your face with dirty hands, and reason two is to get rid of any oils or dirt that may be on your hands. 


Step #2: Apply some moisturizer and a foundation to your face

Put it on evenly covering every area. You should make sure to apply the product to your eyelids as well. Always make sure that the moisturizer is completely dry before moving on to any other step. A tip is to never use an oil-based moisturizer because it can interfere with the creme eyeshadow which can lead to your makeup looking clumpy, which no one wants to experience. 


Step #3: Add concealer or eyeshadow primer

You can add some concealer or eyeshadow primer to your eyelids to prime them for the eyeshadow. Make sure to put it on evenly so that there are no clumps. Always make sure to let the concealer or primer is completely dry as well. Remember that beauty takes time and it will help keep the cream eyeshadow from smudging.


Step #4: Choose the right color

Choose a cream eyeshadow that catches your eye and do not worry any color you choose is going to look fierce on you. If you are a beginner you should avoid using the waterproof creams because if you make a mistake it will be hard to take off and correct it. Once you get a hang of how to apply it better, then you can try out the waterproof products. 


Step #5: Check the expiration date

You should always check the expiration date on the eyeshadow to make sure that it is not expired. You can find the expiration date on the bottom of the container. If it’s expired toss it and grab a new one. Sometimes when is expired the oil will separate and go to the side of the container. Don’t try to use something that is expired because it won’t work out well and it can cause your face to break out or have irritation from the expired makeup. 


Step #6: Pick out the right tools for the job

You can use your fingers, synthetic brushes, or a damp makeup sponge. For beginners, using your fingertips is highly recommended since it is the easiest way to apply the product. Another reason not to use natural hair brushes is since it absorbs the product it can eventually ruin your brushes over time. No one likes ruining their makeup brushes, especially if the one you are trying to use is your favorite brush! That is why synthetic is so much better!


Step #7: Start with thin layers

You want to rub the creme eyeshadow on in thin layers at a time. Apply in a sweeping motion across your eyelid. Remember to only do one eyelid at a time. You have to do this quickly, otherwise, the eyeshadow may dry on whatever you have chosen to apply it with; whether it is your finger, the sponge, or a brush. 


Step #8: Allow the first layer to dry

You should allow your first layer of eyeshadow to dry before moving on to any other steps and in between layers make sure that you close your cream eyeshadow to keep it from drying out in the container. 


Step #9: Apply another thin layer

Apply another thin layer, or more layers if you desire, in order to achieve a more noticeable look. Remember to allow each layer to completely dry completely before continuing forward. 

Step #10: Blend the edges

Blend the edges with clean fingers or makeup brushes because they will warm up the cream eyeshadow. However, for beginners, it is easiest and best to blend with your fingertips than it is with a makeup brush. You should try to blend in a circular, buffing motion while applying a little bit of pressure. You don’t have to apply too much pressure though! 


Step #11: Now you can repeat the process on your other eyelid!


Step #12: Finish with makeup setting spray

After you have gotten the creme eyeshadow to your liking and have applied the rest of your makeup, including your favorite mascara and eyeliner to complete the rest of your chosen look on your eyes, you can use a makeup setting spray to keep it in place. Make sure to mist your face evenly so that your entire face gets covered and there isn’t setting spray in one place but not on another. You can even use the spray a few times and then allow your entire face time to dry. For best results when using a setting spray, you should follow the directions on the back of the bottle!


Final Tips: 

-For wetter formulas that take forever to dry, you want to press and bluff the color out of the creases to keep it from forming cakey, fine lines once it is almost dry, but not fully dry. Also, when applying pressure for wetter products, you need to use a bit more pressure compared to the pressure you would put with the drier formulas. 

-If you want to sparkle you can try glitter cream eyeshadow! You should try to work quickly when using this type of creme eyeshadow and blending. Perhaps a little quicker than normal. Remember not to rush yourself since rushing can cause you to make more mistakes than taking your time while working quickly. Sometimes the glitter tends to loosen and the glitter falls out when it dries too much. 

-Try to keep from touching your masterpiece (your eyelids) to avoid smudging it and making some of the dried cream eyeshadow fall off. Trust us, you do not want to rub your eye and realize that you just remove half of your makeup.

Now that you’ve learned how to apply cream eyeshadow when you are ready you can try to play around with some waterproof formulas!

But make sure to try out with the non-waterproof formulas first.

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