How To Clean A Makeup Sponge [Tutorial & Guide]

If you’re wondering how to clean a makeup sponge, then you’ve come to the right place…

Using a makeup sponge is the very best way to apply foundation, concealer, blusher, bronzer, highlighter or powder to your face. As the makeup sponge is soft and porous, it spreads foundation, concealer, and powder evenly across the face, leaving no trace lines around the chin and sides of the nose and edges of the face.

A makeup sponge makes applying your makeup so much easier and is used to pat on the foundation. Before the makeup sponge was invented, women had to rub their foundation on, causing wrinkles and sagging skin.  Because the makeups sponge is so porous it absorbs the liquids and oils in the makeup you use. It can soon get clogged and stained causing it to not work as effectively as it did when new.

If your makeup sponge is not cleaned properly it can breed bacteria, which could irritate your skin, causing break-outs and leave angry red blotches on your face. Here are some tips on how to clean your makeup sponge and keep it looking fresh and new:


How to Clean a Makeup Sponge in the Microwave

Cleaning your makeup sponge in the microwave effectively kills bacteria which could breed in the makeup sponge.  Here are two methods on how to do this:

Step #1: In a microwaveable cup or small jug fill halfway with water

Step #2: Add a few squirts of dishwashing cleanser, or Johnsons Baby shampoo, if you prefer, to the water

Step #3: Submerge the makeup sponge to wet it, then make sure there is enough water to completely cover the makeup sponge

Step #4: Microwave for one minute

Step #5: Then remove the cup or jug from the microwave and wait 30 seconds for it to cool down before removing the makeup sponge

Step #6: Rinse thoroughly until the water squeezed out of the makeup sponge runs clear

Step #7: Dry with paper towels. Make sure your makeup sponge is completely dry as if you use the makeup sponge while still damp it will just clog up again

Step #8: Watch the cup, and if your makeup sponge expands too much, remove the cup from the microwave oven. The makeup sponge must be completely submerged in the water at all times, while in the microwave oven, or it might smoke and catch fire. Try it for 30 seconds first to see if the water evaporates too much then add more water if it does.

Another way is to microwave your makeup sponge, as is, for 30 seconds and then wash, as the microwave does not clean the makeup sponge, it just kills the bacteria which may have gathered inside. So, wash and rinse thoroughly afterward, if you use this second method.


How Often to Clean Makeup Sponges?

It is well worth your while to keep your makeup sponge clean. It is not just the outside that gets dirty if you do not clean your makeup sponge regularly. The inside can shock you with how much gunk gathers there, remember, this is a sponge so it absorbs everything that is moist.

If you have an old makeup sponge you want to discard, cut it in half, lengthwise to see how much it has absorbed old makeup and other face products. This is why a good cleaning is so necessary. So a thorough cleaning is needed to have it looking like new. Not only will it last longer, but it will be more effective as it is not blocked and clogged up with weeks of old face products just because you did not know how to clean it.

Not cleaning your makeup sponge can cause it to not work effectively, as it clogs with used foundation, concealer or powder. This can breed bacteria. You will need to clean your makeup sponge once a week if you don’t use it every day. If used daily, then twice a week, and to use the microwave once a month to zap the germs which can breed and cause skin irritations.


How to Clean a Makeup Sponge with Olive Oil?

Method 1: Olive oil conditions your makeup sponge. Use an equal amount of Olive oil, cleaning solution either shampoo or a mild dishwashing liquid, and water. Soak the makeup sponge in this three-part solution. Olive oil has natural anti-bacterial properties that help stop germs breeding. Allow the makeup sponge to soak for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse off well, making sure no soap is left in the makeup sponge. Dry with paper towels completely before using them.

Method 2: Lay some foil out on your countertop. A small square will do. Put a coin-sized dollop of dish cleaning liquid onto the foil. Then mix half of the coin size with pure olive oil. Take your makeup sponge and rub it all over in this mixture. Fold the foil, leave for 5 minutes. Then take it to your basin and open it up in the basin. Now squeeze all the residue left in the makeup sponge out, using the thumb and fingers to squeeze. Squash the makeup sponge against your palm to get the last of the residue out. Remove the foil, and rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. This will condition and make your makeup sponge clean inside and out, and look like new again.


How Often to Clean Beauty Blender?

As your Beauty Blender gets clogged up with the products you use on your face,  it needs to be cleaned twice a week if you use it every day to apply your makeup.  This residue left on the beauty blender can penetrate into the middle of the beauty blender, causing germs to breed, so If it is not used every day, a thorough clean once a week should do it. It just will not work as effectively if not cleaned regularly. If you see bits of sponge coming off, replace immediately. If you clean as recommended, twice a week, then your Beauty Blender can be used for up to three months and replaced after that.


The Best Way to Clean a Makeup Sponge

The simplest, most cost-effective and easiest way to clean makeup sponge is as follows:

Step #1: Use a mild bar of soap

Step #2: Run warm water, wet the makeup sponge, run it over the soap, to form a thick lather, then squeeze the makeup sponge against your palm, to get all the clogged powder, concealer and foundation out. Rinse and repeat this a couple of times

Step #3: Hold the makeup sponge between your fingers and thumb, then press up from the bottom to remove all the inside gunk

Step #4: Rinse this off

Step #5: Reapply the soap squeezing the makeup sponge, then rinse again until the water coming from the makeup sponge is clear

Step #6: When the water is completely clear, squeeze the makeup sponge out, and use a paper towel to dry the makeup sponge off, squeezing all the water out

Step #7: Let your makeup sponge air dry

Step #8: Make sure the makeup sponge is completely dry before reusing.


Final Tip On How To Clean a Makeup Sponge

Never store your makeup sponge loosely in your makeup bag. This is the quickest way for your makeup sponge to get ripped from sharp tools, and the fastest way to have bacteria breed. Keep out in the open light, which kills bacteria.


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