True Botanicals Review 2020: [Before & After, Tutorial, Alternatives]

If you’re a tried and true eco-beauty brand lover like me, you know that buying the right products can make all the difference in your skincare routine. True Botanicals is for anyone with scarred, uneven, or damaged skin. If you’re tired of drowning your pores with multiple products and makeup, then this True Botanicals Review is for you. I’m here to give you the dish on my thirty days of using True Botanicals’ Trial Size Renew Pure Radiance Oil.

Who is this product for?

Like most anti-aging products, True Botanicals markets its oils and serums towards women who are thirty years or older. However, good skincare routines begin in your teens, ladies! The True Botanicals Renew Pure Radiance Oil is for all women with dry and uneven skin and works to prevent further skin damage and promote healthy skin cell production. The biggest question this True Botanicals review answer is whether applying an oil-based serum can fit the individual needs of different skin types. Or is this green beauty brand all hype and no delivery?

True Botanicals Review

What’s included?

For this True Botanicals review, I wanted to experience the best product and the most affordable price. So, I opted for the trial size option.

The Trial Size Renew Pure Radiance Oil is just that. A trial-size sample. You get a small frosted glass bottle and stopper, a little pamphlet, and that’s it. No bells or whistles, but that’s to be expected from a no-nonsense green beauty brand.

Overview of Features:

One of the biggest benefits that True Botanicals have to offer is their acute attention to detail when it comes to creating their products. The Renew Oil sources its omega fatty acids from chia seeds, kiwi seeds, papaya seed, and passionfruit.

The omega-3 fatty acids from the chia and kiwi seeds help strengthen your skin’s natural barriers so other nutrients can be absorbed while keeping toxins out. The passion fruit and papaya seed oils contribute omega-6 and 9 fatty acids, vitamins A and C, and potassium to immediately penetrate your skin with conditioning enzymes to dissolve impurities that lay on your skin’s surface.

True Botanicals Trial Kit

True Botanicals was created in 2014 by Hillary Peterson, a thyroid cancer survivor. After struggling in her battle against cancer, Peterson realized that skincare was one way she could ensure she was giving her skin and body the very best care and ingredients. 

Tired of relying on products that are filled with toxins and unnecessary chemicals, Peterson created True Botanicals. Believing that you shouldn’t have to make compromises when showing self-love to your skin.

The company claims that the Renew Pure Radiance Oil is for all skin types. However, this particular oil is more specifically crafted for anyone with skin that is dry/dehydrated, rough in texture, hyper-pigmented, or has wrinkles and fine lines.

On paper, it’s the perfect all-around serum for anyone who has dry to normal skin. If you’re looking for a solution to specific skin problems, then there are two other options to choose from. 

The Clear Pure Radiance Oil is designed to treat and prevent breakouts, as well as minimize fine lines and wrinkles. The Clear deluxe mini is better suited for anyone with oily or combination skin.

The last product for the Trial Size options is the Calm Pure Radiance Oil. This chamomile-scented serum is meant to soothe super sensitive skin. If you have rosacea, skin sensitivity, or hyper-pigmentation, then this would be your go-to. 

True Botanicals Application

I don’t have extra time to spend on skincare in the morning, so my routine has to be efficient and super effective. I bought two trial size Renew Pure Radiance Oils, hoping that the small .01 fl. oz bottles would be enough to last the entire thirty days.

One way to know that a company is truly about luxurious high-end products is in its packaging. Even though the frosted glass bottles seem tiny, the dropper makes it easy to use a few drops at a time (which is all you will actually need).

The oil is naturally tinted orange and smells earthy, if not floral, despite the kiwi, papaya, and other fruit seed extracts in it. Like any other similar skincare product, the Renew Oil should be applied in the morning and at night.

How to Use:

  • True Botanicals states that their Renew Oil is best used on damp skin. Make sure to wash and/or exfoliate your face first.
  • Apply three to eight drops on your fingertips using the dropper.
  • Gently massage the oil into your skin, working inside out from your nose to the edges of your hairline. Don’t forget to never rub creams or serums on your neck, but rather use your fingers to work the oil upwards so that you’re not pulling on your skin.
  • Allow the oil to fully absorb before applying makeup, mist, or sunscreen.

It was easy to overuse the oil when I first started applying it because other products I’ve used in the past were thin and heavily diluted. If your skin is prone to breakouts, I would definitely recommend applying only three to five drops because the Renew Oil will sit on your skin for a couple of minutes before being absorbed.

Thankfully, for anyone who rushes through their routine in the morning, the Renew Oil will still just as easily absorb into wet or damp skin. Renew Oil should be used after cleansing your face, and before putting on sunscreen. Yes, you should be putting on sunscreen; sun-damaged skin is old news and clear healthy skin is what we’re all about!

True Botanicals Review: Before and After

It’s no secret that True Botanicals spares no expense when it comes to creating high-end skin products. The Renew Pure Radiance Oil features potent and nourishing ingredients that are rare in other skincare products; kiwi seed oil, chia seed oil, papaya seed oil, passion fruit oil, algae extract, and astaxanthin.

True Botanicals claims that their face oils work better than any other creams or lotions on the market because their products deliver necessary nutrients to the deepest layers of your skin. Each of the ingredients that are included serves a purpose because adding any chemicals or other additives would be unnecessary.

The chia seed and kiwi seed extracts help your skin retain moisture and protect it from external toxins. The passion fruit and papaya seed oils work to dissolve any excess oil and impurities that lay on top of your skin. 

My skin tends to be more oily in the late afternoon but will start drying up around my mouth and cheeks after cleansing. My pores also tend to be larger around the t-zone, and I won’t even get started on my forehead wrinkles.

Now, let me tell you what happened after one month of using the Renew Pure Radiance Oil.

Five drops of the Pure Radiance Oil is enough to render all my other moisturizers useless. The Renew Pure Radiance Oil gave my skin all the hydration it needed without making my t-zone greasy.

The Renew Oil feels rich on my hands and absorbed quickly without sitting on my face, so there was no excessive shine or oil.

I also noticed a significant change in the wrinkles on my forehead, which is where my deepest lines are. It took about two weeks for me to see a noticeable difference. But, after thirty days of using the Renew Oil, even my boyfriend noticed that my skin was glowing and clearer than before I started my new skincare routine.

All in all, at the end of the trial my skin felt plumper, firmer, and had a natural glow. I wouldn’t say that Renew Pure Radiance Oil is a facelift in a bottle, but it seems to live up to the claims on the website.

Cheaper Alternatives to True Botanicals

Now, this wouldn’t be a genuine True Botanicals review if I didn’t include other beauty brands that deliver similar high-end products with the same planet-friendly message.

The biggest downside to True Botanicals is that the regular size Renew Pure Radiance Oil is $110.00 for a 1.0 fl oz bottle. If you are set on investing in eco-beauty brands, then all the more power to you. Do I think that the True Botanicals Renew Pure Radiance Oil is worth the price tag? 

I honestly have to say yes. But, that’s obviously not realistic for women who care about their skin but don’t want to break their wallets over this particular oil or brand.

True Botanicals has clinically shown that their products work better than their leading competitor, Creme de la Mer. However, for a similar effect at an affordable price point, there are other options for both.

Alternative #1: Activist Skincare Precious Oils Active Infusion 

For $64.00 you get a 1.0 fl oz bottle of a lightweight face oil that uses similar ingredients and has just as many great reviews. This serum is lightly scented with cucumber, without using essential oils (which can be more harmful than helpful on sensitive skin). 

The most noteworthy ingredients are the plant-based antioxidants, grapeseed, avocado, and macadamia oils that strengthen your skin’s barrier against dehydration and external toxins. The additional chamomile extract is to help with hyperpigmentation and acne-prone skin, making it compatible with all skin types.

Last, but not least, the Activist lets you refill your original container instead of recycling it. Refills are packaged in pouches and save you 10% on your purchase. Plus, Activist donates 5% of their revenue to Rainforest Trust to protect our oceans and rainforests. 

Alternative #2: Lumene Arctic Berry Cocktail Brightening Hydra-Oil

If you’re wondering whether this face oil smells as good as it sounds, the answer is yes! 

Being one of the most affordable options out there, you can get all of the benefits of True Botanicals Renew Pure Radiance Oil at a fraction of the cost. I found the 1.0 fl oz bottle at Target and on Amazon for $24.99. 

Lumene claims that the mixture of wild arctic cloudberry and cranberry seed oils, along with vitamins C, B3, and B5, will hydrate your skin and leave a dewy, velvety smooth appearance.

All of the components of the packaging are recyclable, and Lumene sources its natural ingredients at the source in Finland. Their formulas are also vegan and cruelty-free.

Allergic Reactions to True Botanicals

I have to hand it to True Botanicals, it’s relatively difficult to find any sort of negative feedback about any of their products. But as a natural researcher and genuine beauty queen, I do my best to get all the facts before reviewing any product. And this is what I found…

Although there are many benefits boasted on the website, there are no warnings about possible side effects, even for people with sensitive skin. Even the Terms of Service’s fine print fails to mention liability in the case of an allergic or severe reaction to their products.

Keeping this in mind, there have only been a few reviews from other shoppers who have found the oil too heavy for their skin, in that it wouldn’t fully absorb. Although True Botanicals does offer a solution with their Clear Pure Radiance Oil, which is specifically formulated to match the needs of acne-prone skin.

Even though essential oils are all the rage in the beauty industry right now, caution needs to be advised. True Botanicals dilutes their oils, but if you don’t know how your skin will react to certain essences, you can be looking at a red and blotchy face in the mirror.

To be fair, most of the oils in the True Botanicals serums have a low risk when applied to your skin. But you should be careful if you are sensitive to jasmine oil, rose-hip seed oil, or rose flower oil as they are the highest ingredients in allergies/immunotoxicity.

true botanicals review

True Botanicals Review: The Final Verdict

My official verdict for my True Botanicals review: Trial Size Renew Pure Radiance Oil is an overall 8/10.

The price played a significant factor because no one should have to sacrifice their wallet in order to have clean, safe beauty products. However, I can’t deny the misty glow my skin has and the visible reduction in wrinkles.

It’s not a miracle solution, although no product ever is. But, considering the lush ingredients, posh packaging, and green mission, True Botanicals is worth the extra penny.

True Botanicals Review
  • Value
  • Ease of Use
  • Quality
  • Features


  • Made-safe certified and sustainably made.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Direct to consumer selling.
  • Clinically tested.
  • 30-day guarantee.


  • $10.00 for 0.1 fl oz.
  • The individual products can be expensive, with collections passing $300.00 in price.
  • Not available in stores.

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