Glossier Solution Review [Updated For 2021]

When it comes to beauty, nothing is more important than taking care of your skin. When you treat your skin with love (and quality products), your face becomes clearer, brighter, and smoother.

Glossier Solution Review

Glossier Solution is one of the hottest beauty products to hit the market. Even though it seems like this company releases a new product every week, there’s a reason why they have become so popular. And no, it’s not just their marketing (their ads are literally everywhere).

This exfoliator doesn’t just make your skin look younger. It also nourishes it so you can immediately show off glowing, dewy skin. Glossier claims their Solution is an “exfoliating skin perfector.” But does the product live up to the hype? Let’s find out.


Glossier Solution Review: Product Overview


Glossier Solution

Since Glossier, Inc. made its grand entrance into the beauty world in 2014, it has taken the cosmetic world by storm. What makes this brand stand out among the rest is their philosophy that beauty shouldn’t be made in a boardroom but by passionate people who live it every day.

Glossier’s CEO, Emily Weiss, believes that beauty is an extension of personal style. She interviewed hundreds of women to get the best perspective on the makeup industry so that Glossier’s products could speak truer to its audience. 

The Glossier Solution has been out on the market since the Spring of 2018. Since its initial launch, the product hasn’t had any re-branding or changes to its formula, and it’s been performing well ever since.

The Glossier Solution creators wanted to add a simple but effective product into your “every day” skincare routine so you can let your confidence shine from the inside out.


Who Is This Product For?

Like I said before, Glossier makes their products based on what the consumers say they want. And there was definitely a need in the market for their Solution. While most people deal with one skin issue at a time, in reality, there are typically a couple of things we are working on.

For Glossier Solution, you can tackle most of your skin problems in one swoop of a cotton pad. Glossier Solution has revolutionized the skincare field by making an exfoliator that cares for different skin types.

Specifically, this product is great for oily, dull, and acne-prone skin. It also helps even out your skin tone, minimize your pores, and treat redness. But, I’m not the only one who thinks that Glossier Solution is an all-around great product.

In a clinical trial, 3 out of 4 people have reported seeing clearing skin in one week, making their before and after amazing after long term use.

This means that this product is great for young adults looking for a product to help give them clearer, brighter, and tighter skin.


What’s Included?

When you purchase the Glossier Solution, you get the container filled with the solution. 

The counter holds 4.4 fl oz for $24. While this face exfoliator can seem expensive, I think it’s more than worth the price tag. 

I don’t recommend applying this product with your fingertips, which is common for toners and physical exfoliators. So, you’ll have to get cotton balls or round pads to apply the solution to your face.

The skincare solution works well with most skin types, but some of the ingredients can be too harsh for sensitive skin.

Glossier Solution ingredients have three acid groups in it. This includes Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), and Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA).

The other ingredients used in this product are water, lactic acid, glycolic acid, gluconolactone, propanediol, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, ethoxydiglycol, magnesium chloride, sodium hydroxide, glycereth-7 trimethyl wther, niacinamide, betaine, inositol, citric acid, glycerin, phytic acid, pentylene glycol, PEG-60 castor oil, caprylyl glycol, ethylhexylglycerin, fragrance, PEG-8, acetic acid, and potassium hydroxide.


Overview Of Features

With all of the Solution’s ingredients, there is no wonder why customers are seeing skin transformations within as little as four weeks. As we take a closer look at the ingredients, it’s obvious why this solution works so well.

The salicylic acid helps reduce the appearance of blemishes. It treats acne, unclogs pores, and helps loosen blackheads. 

The lactic acid helps get rides of dark spots on the face and helps your skin look tighter and younger.

The gluconolactone exfoliates your skin while also moisturizing and conditioning it to make sure your skin doesn’t dry out. 

The Glossier Solution allows the product to gently remove dead skin cells and excess oil, so your complexion becomes smooth and clear. 

Using this product daily can help improve the appearance of blemishes, visible redness, and enlarged pores. However, if you feel the product is too harsh on your skin, I recommend cutting down use to just once or twice a week.


How To Use:

Using the Glossier Solution is easy:

  1. Wash and dry face with a gentle face wash.
  2. Use a cotton pad to press onto the bottle of Glossier Solution to saturate the pad.
  3. Using light pressure, sweep the cotton pad across your face and neck to saturate your skin with the solution.
  4. Wait until the product has completely dried and absorbed into your skin before applying a moisturizer.
  5. Use the product once a day, every day, for the best results. 

Pro Tip #1: Make sure to test a small amount of the solution on a patch of skin before applying to the rest of your face. If you have any negative reactions to the product, it won’t be so harsh. 

Pro Tip #2: Start using a small amount of the solution to limit any product waste. You can always apply more if you didn’t use enough! 



Since the Glossier Solution can run out of stock on the Glossier website, it’s always good to have a backup plan! Here are some alternatives that might work better for your skin’s individuals needs (and your wallet too).

The Some By Me’s 30 Days Miracle Toner 

This toner flawlessly dissolves dead skin cells, unclogs your pores, and overall brightens your complexion. Also, since this product has tea tree oil in this product, it can treat acne and reduce redness.

The Pixi’s Glow Tonic

This miracle tonic is just as amazing as Glossier’s solution, so it’s a great product alternative.

Unlike the Glossier Solution, this product is great for sensitive skin. It’ll leave your face feeling baby-smooth while clearing up acne and soothing inflammation.

While these products can be great dupes for long-term use to help keep your complexion the way you want to, I have to say they don’t have the same immediate effects that you get from Glossier.


Glossier Solution Review: Conclusion

So does this Glossier Solution Review make the product seem worth it? In my opinion – YES!

Maybe it’s because my skin naturally tends to be oily, and I don’t have many skin sensitivities. But OMG, does this product work wonders!

The Glossier Solution is definitely one of the best face exfoliants on the market, so I totally understand why beauty fans are obsessed with buying this product after their first bottle runs out.

It’s also great since it can work with a wide range of skin types to clear any blemishes and give you clear and refreshed skin with continuous use. 

The point of using a skin exfoliant is to help keep your skin clean, firm, and looking young, so the Glossier Solution goes above and beyond for the industry they are so passionate about.

Glossier Solution Review
  • Value
  • Application
  • Ingredients
  • Versatility


  • Ingredients are effective so that you can see results in less than one month.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Makes your skin smoother, softer, and glowy.
  • Winner of the 2018 Teen Vogue Acne Awards.
  • Treats and prevents acne, reduces redness, unclogs, and minimizes pores.


  • Not suitable for all skin types. This is a HUGE con. But, I’ll expand more on that later.
  • It’s often sold out on the website, and you can only get it from Glossier. It’s not sold in stores.
  • Including three acids in a skincare formula is an aggressive move. Talk about overkill.

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