How to Get Deep Blackheads Out of Your Face [TUTORIAL]

If you’re reading this article, then you know just how stubborn and frustrating blackheads are. These aren’t just normal pimples; they will stay in your skin for years, resulting in scarring and craters if left untreated. Keep reading to find out how to get deep blackheads out without resorting to expensive treatments and products.

First things first, I’m going to break down exactly what causes blackheads. Then, I’ll take you step-by-step through correctly treating and removing those little suckers. Most importantly, you need to know what home remedy-based treatments you’ve done in the past that have damaged your skin. Lemon juice and Epsom salts, ladies? Let’s pray that these mistakes are reversible.

What are Blackheads?

I don’t think it’s a shock to any young adult to find out that acne does happen in adulthood – despite what parents and health teachers claimed. However, acne is not just treatable, but preventable. That’s why it’s so important to know how to take care of your skin. Otherwise, you will end up with blackheads – the very worst and most stubborn form of acne you can have.

Blackheads, also known as comedones, develop when your skin’s natural oil combines with dead skin cells, solidifying and clogging your pores. If you’re on your period, are in your teenage years, or have a family history of bad acne, your chances of developing deep blackheads are even greater.

While a good once-and-done-exfoliator might be enough to loosen the blackhead and draw it out, sometimes it takes a little more effort and grit to dig out the dirt.

Not to mention that most people don’t know how to get deep blackheads out correctly, and end up damaging their skin. If you started noticing blackheads, especially around your nose area, you need to treat them now before they harden or become too deep to remove at home.

How to Remove Deep Blackheads at Home

I’m going to save you the time on Google and give you everything you need to know about how to remove deep blackheads in the comfort of your own home. 

And save yourself the time on YouTube because trust me, you will waste a good forty-five minutes watching those Dr. Pimple Popper videos when you could be clearing out your own pores.

Now, let’s get down to business…

Step 1: Cleanse Your Face

How to get deep blackheads out

First of all, you should be cleansing your face twice a day: once in the morning, and once a night. And if you’re a gym-goer like me, then pump it up to three times a day. Yes, moisturizer and all.

Beware of over-cleansing because it will dry out your skin and cause more dead cells to sneak into your pores. Who knew that washing your face could be so tricky?

When it comes to your skin type, using a matching cleanser can make all the difference. My skin tends to dry out immediately after I wash it, but will get oily in my T-zone by the afternoon. If you have a similar skin type to mine or have sensitive skin, then you should try a gel-based cleanser. It won’t leave an oily residue on your face and will clear away dirt, makeup, and excess oil.

Step 2: Exfoliate Your Skin

Let me say right now that you should be exfoliating your skin at least once a week! But, no more than three times a week. Exfoliation removes dirt, dead skin cells, excess oil, and other external debris from your skin.

When it comes to exfoliating, choosing the right product will make all the difference. If you have sensitive skin, then a normal exfoliator can be too harsh; causing irritation, redness, and more sensitivity. Natural exfoliants for sensitive skin include oatmeal and finely ground coffee.

If you have normal to combination skin, then almost any typical exfoliator will do. But who doesn’t love a homemade recipe? You can use sugar or ground flaxseed to help clear your skin naturally if you don’t want to spend money on an exfoliator.

Do not – I repeat – DO NOT scrub the exfoliator into your skin. You will definitely cause more damage and even scarring. Simply apply a thin layer of your exfoliant evenly onto your face, and use your first two fingers to gently massage the product into your skin.

If you are using a store-bought product, then make sure to follow all of the instructions on the back of the bottle/tube. Some exfoliants might need to be left on your skin for a few minutes to draw out impurities. 

Finally, rinse your skin and pat dry with a towel.

Step 3: Open Your Pores with Steam

Not gonna lie, this is the best part of removing blackheads and facials in general.

Steaming is an important step in extracting deep blackheads because it opens your pores. This makes the process so much easier and loosens up the blackheads.

  1. Boil five cups of water, either in a pot or a tea kettle.
  2. Allow the water to cool for a few minutes, before carefully pouring it into a bowl.
  3. Either sit or stand over the bowl with your face hovering about six inches above the water’s surface.
  4. Put a towel over your head so that the steam stays circulating underneath the cover, between the bowl and your face.
  5. Steam for ten minutes at a time, using a mirror to evaluate whether you need to go for another ten minutes or continue on with the process.

Step 4: Apply a Clay Mask

I know facial serums and charcoal masks are all the rage right now, but clay masks are completely underrated. Even though you’ve spent the last half hour cleansing, scrubbing, and steaming, your skin is still not ready for the effort of removing a blackhead.

If you want to know how to get deep blackheads out, then you need to do it right the first time. It might seem like this is a lot of prep for a small blackhead, but comedones are embedded deep within your pores and slowly harden over time, making them harder to remove.

How to Get Deep Blackheads Out

The purpose of all these steps is to ensure that you are removing any debris from the surface of your skin so that nothing stands in the way between you and your blackheads. A clay face mask will help the process by absorbing excess oil, drawing out impurities, getting rid of excess shine, and reducing acne in the long run.

Evenly apply a thin layer of a clay mask on your face. Wait about fifteen minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Step 5: How to Get Deep Blackheads Out – Once and For All!

Now, it’s time to use an extractor tool, also known as a comedone spoon. You don’t have to be a professional to use this. You just spent the last hour getting your skin ready. The blackheads are loosened up and it’s time to get down to business.

Before you put the spoon to your skin, make sure you sterilize the extractor with rubbing alcohol.

Next,  press the hoop of the extractor facedown around the edge of the blackhead. You don’t want to directly press down onto the blackhead because it will irritate the pore. The process can already be uncomfortable, so let’s just avoid causing yourself unnecessary pain.

Now that you’ve gotten the hoop in place, make a smooth and gentle sweeping motion to the opposite side of your pore; pushing the debris out. You may have to repeat this motion a few times if you can’t get the plug on the first go. However, if you still haven’t removed the blackhead after four or five attempts, it’s time to stop. Otherwise, you will irritate or possibly damage the skin.

If you are extracting more than one blackhead, make sure that you clean and sterilize the tool between each removal! If you don’t, then you will basically transfer the oil and bacteria to the other pores. Gross.

Step 6: Soothe Your Skin

Even if you have no trouble getting the blackhead out, your skin has still gone through a lot of stress during the removal process. Treat your pores to a gel mask or serum to prevent swelling and redness. Any gel with vitamin E, tea tree, green tea, or almond oil will work well. After eight to ten minutes, rinse off your face, and continue on with the rest of your normal skincare routine.

Do Pore Strips Work?

I know that using an extractor tool might seem intimidating, especially when so many products and masks claim to remove blackheads just as easily. One of the most popular solutions that have been trending is pore strips.

We’ve all seen the videos. The tiny black nose strip that literally shows every single pimple as you pull it out. Whether you find it satisfying or disgusting, the advertisements are enough to make you run to the store ASAP so you can try it yourself.

While pore strips do remove excess sebum and dead skin cells that appear on the top layers of your skin, they aren’t necessarily the best solution. At least, not by themselves. 

Pore strips do nothing to cleanse or prepare your skin. That means that if you skip the comedone spoon and go for the pore strip, make sure that you follow Steps 1-4 before applying the strip. 

You should also keep in mind that you shouldn’t use pore strips more than once a week. They can cause further damage to your skin and dry it out.

What About Laser/Light Therapy?

light therapy

While most dermatologists use a comedone spoon for blackhead extraction, photo pneumatic therapy is becoming increasingly popular. Photopneumatic therapy uses intense pulses of light lasers and a small vacuum to pull out really deep blackheads. 

Unfortunately, you would have to go to a professional to get this treatment. Comparable at-home solutions can run up to three hundred dollars, while anything cheaper than a hundred dollars might not work as well.

While most patients end up loving their results with laser therapy, the cost for professional treatment can be expensive. For best results, it’s recommended that you have at least one follow-up session once a year.

Home Remedies: What to Avoid


Resist the urge to pinch or squeeze out any pimples or blackheads. Trust me, it’s not worth the pain and long-term scarring that comes with it. If you are ever scouring the internet for additional home treatments, then make sure you avoid using:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Epsom salts
  • Lemon juice
  • Baking soda

While these ingredients have been believed to absorb extra oil and remove dead skin cells, they can end up drying out your skin – which will lead to more breakouts. Also, none of these remedies have been proven to remove deep blackheads.

The Final Word

I hope this article helped you understand how to get deep blackheads out, even when it seems impossible and super frustrating. It doesn’t matter how many people have told us not to, we just can’t help but feel the urge to pop every pimple and squeeze and scratch every blackhead.

But there is a right way and a wrong way to take care of your skin. And even though it may take an hour out of your day, the results will be sooo worth it! If this blackhead removal breakdown doesn’t make you want to go and give yourself a full facial treatment, I don’t know what will!

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